About Us

Aligned Operations was founded on the belief that business owners have a responsibility to create a work environment that is fulfilling and enjoyable. Only 20% of employees in the US enjoy their work…what can organizations do to improve this?

It is all about “The Work”. How we define, organize, assign, train, execute, evaluate, recognize and improve “The Work”. This is what we call “Nuts and Bolts Leadership”.

The Three Principles of Nuts and Bolts Leadership:

  1. Start with “Why” and create a vision with purpose.
  2. Align the work to the vision.
  3. Care about the individuals and teams that perform the work.

Our Business Alignment solutions includes a methodology and software application that facilitates Nuts and Bolts Leadership.

Michelle Schaefbauer, SPHR

General Manager


Michelle recently completed her master's of Science with a Dual Concentration in Organizational Leadership & Strategic Human Resource Integration. She has a passion for helping individuals and organizations reach their potential. She thrives in supporting organizations that truly embrace the strategic benefits of a high-quality, experienced human resources partner.

Kelly Schaefbauer

CEO and Founder


Kelly always had a passion for the nuts and bolts of business. After owning and operating a successful IT business for 17 years, he decided to follow his passion in supporting organizations to evolve to their vision. 

He recently caught on to the movement of Simon Sinek to create fulfilling work environments with his Nuts and Bolts twist. 

Our Team