Step One - Document the Organization

​Define and Assign the Work

  • Create an Accountability Chart
  • Complete an organization wide Task Inventory
  • Create Role Descriptions

The Business Alignment is a 14 week program. We meet with your management team once a week as a group and once a week in a 1on1.

Step Three - Evolve the Organization

Create versions of the vision

  • Evaluate Performance
  • Hold a Brainstorm Session
  • Complete the Annual Strategic Plan- Goals
  • Advisory Board Presentation
  • Create An Action Plan - Rocks

Step Two- Develop Analytics

​Know the Score

  • Determine Benchmarks
  • Create Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Inventory
  • Develop Scorecards

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Align your management team in three steps:

We believe the path to success for any organization is through an aligned management team.

The Organizational Alignment