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We believe the path to success for any organization is through an aligned management team.


Ty Gilbert


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As a new manager at a young and growing business, tasks and responsibilities are not always clearly defined.  Working with Aligned Operations and  the OpsMgr-6000 program has drastically changed the nature of my managerial duties.  The software provides a unique way of outlining organizational structure, and allowed me to develop the key areas of my department in a clear and concise manner.  The software has shown clear benefits in everything from executing my day to day tasks to effective training of new employees.  Furthermore, OpsMgr offers exceptional opportunities for strategic planning, with specific areas for tracking the development of my departmental goals.  Ambiguity has been removed from my daily tasks, and has resulted in my department and our company as a whole becoming an efficient, well-oiled machine.  

Align your operations to your vision with an organizational alignment from Aligned Operations.

The Single-Source-Of-Truth for the Why, What, Who, and How of your Organization. OpsMgr-6000 is the App to our solution.

As the owner of a small business, I know that it can be easy to get stuck in the trap of working in the business without working on the business. Aligned Operations has helped my business grow and evolve over the last several years. The OpsMgr-6000 tool has helped us build a platform to better define what we do, how we do it and what we plan to do next. OpsMgr-6000 ensures that every employee in the company, from the frontline techs to the owner, knows their role, what is expected of them and outlines their performance baselines. The results have been truly transformative; we have succeeded in building a management team that which actually leads and handles day to day functions, freeing me up to focus on growing the company and moving forward. Decisions are made using objective data, sound information and effective, constructive collaboration across all levels of the organization. The result has been not just a more successful company, but a better place to work and thrive. Our meetings are actually meaningful and productive, not just ritualized exercises in futile communication. Most importantly, we have developed and documented the shared values and culture of the organization, allowing us to articulate and strive for future goals that align with a common and established vision for the organization. I would recommend Aligned Operations for any organization that wishes to clarify their goals and truly start moving toward them.

Wes Gilbert


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