• Hands-on

    Structured Operations


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1. Take an Inventory


2. Evaluate Performance


3. Evolve the Organization

Step One: Take an Inventory

Start with a inventory or all the current processes within the organization.

Define and Assign the Work

  1. Develop a Work Breakdown Structure
  2. Complete an Organization-Wide Task Inventory
  3. Assign Tasks to Create Role Descriptions
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    Step Two: Evaluate Performance

    Know the Score

    1. Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on Functions (Lagging) and Tasks (Leading)
    2. Develop Scorecards
    3. Determine Baselines

      Step Three: Evolve the Organization

      Determine Priorities for improvement to reach the goals that will manifest the Vision

      Create a Strategic Plan

      1. Clarify the Vision
      2. Identify Constraints
      3. Determine Goals and Benchmarks
      4. Complete the Annual Strategic Plan
      5. Create Rocks
      6. Hold Effective Traction Meetings
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