The cloud solution that gives you the single-source-of-truth for the why, what, how and who of your organization.


Start with Why. The Vision section is a constant reminder to all the people in the organization of why we are here.

Org Builder

The Org Builder is used to create the organization's Structure. The structure is the framework for all of the work in the organization and provides accountability for directors and mangers.

SOP Document Library

Functions become the bases for the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Documentation Library. The Task Inventory becomes the table of contents. Tasks are then broken down to steps and instructions.

Role Descriptions

The assignment of tasks to team members creates a role description for each member of teams in the organization. 

Functions become the basis for evaluating the department’s priority for improvement and Change. Benchmarks and KPIs are defined by Function and Task


Goals are set at the top of the organization to create a plan for the Vision to become realized. Department Goals are created from the breakdown of the Organizational and Business Unit breakdown.

​Rocks are created to bridge the gap between the shortfalls in execution determined by the Performance evaluation and the departmental goals set by the Business Unit Leaders.

Trellis Tools

The software giving you the single source of truth for the why, what, who and how for your organization.