Aligned Vendors

28.03.20 11:30 AM By Kelly Schaefbauer

Inspired Contributions from Partners

The conversation around organizational leadership is typically centered around executives and employees. As you broaden the circle of your leadership influence, your vendors should also be included. “Stakeholders” is often the term used to encompass individuals who feel or facilitate an organization’s impact. I’d like to present a few thoughts on the vendor stakeholder. 

I often use the term “a mindful workforce.” This phrase describes the state of being of those contributing to an organization’s purpose and vision. The contrast to a mindful workforce is a workforce that “phones it in,” “goes through the motions,” or “just shows up for a paycheck.” Mindful work has heart, soul, care and intention. 

Selecting vendors should be a similar process to selecting employees; we assess their capabilities but also ensure that they align with our organization’s beliefs and values. At Aligned Operations, we further strive to convey the importance of their contribution to our purpose and vision--we want to make sure that they also believe that every person deserves the opportunity to do fulfilling work in organizations that provide clarity, confidence and trust.

The result of an aligned vendor is inspired collaborations and deliverables...mindful work. I consider my vendors partners when they have heart and soul in their services and vendors when their work doesn’t have a meaningful impact.

In addition to alignment, we need to assess their capabilities and cost fit. I want to see their work, as opposed to hearing about it, because trust is earned through results. Just like in an employment interview, I like seeing specific examples of the tasks they will be executing in the delivery of their service. I also ask for firsthand accounts and testimonials from current clients. 

Cost fit means that the level and quality of work aligns with their financial rate. This evaluation includes understanding the knowledge and skill required to produce the results necessary at the current iteration of the work. I’m frustrated when a vendor wants to apply a high-level person to a basic work assignment, then bills me the highest rate.

Great leadership knows no bounds. Your employees, clients and even your vendors will respond to great inspiration and support. Keep this in mind when selecting and partnering with vendors.

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