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Structured Operations

In just about any stage of life, “what do you do?” is a persistent and relevant question.

Since I sold my IT firm and started my new business nine years ago, I’ve sometimes lacked the clarity to succinctly answer this question. However, this changed for me a couple of months ago. Now I answer confid...

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Partnerships with Structured Operations

I’ve recently been working with several businesses that are struggling with owner partnerships. In my last article, I described the Visionary/Integrator roles and relationships within an organization. In this article, we’ll examine how the concepts and methodologies of structured operations can mini...

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Strategic Planning is About Decision Making

Every organization has limited resources (some more so than others). These include: cash, staff, knowledge/skill, time, space, technology, etc. So, what is the best use of those limited resource to move your organization forward.

I believe the three primary elements of an operations are structure, it...

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It's Annual Strategic Planning Season!!!

Most businesses find that the calendar year-end is a good time to complete Annual Strategic Planning (ASP), Why should an organization complete an ASP? 

I’d throw out 3 questions for you to consider:

1.  Does your business serve you? (Are you fulfilled by the work? Does your compensation sup...

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Change is necessary for any organization to succeed. Changes should be planned and geared toward two objectives: evolving the organization and overcoming obstacles.
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