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Structured Operations

In just about any stage of life, “what do you do?” is a persistent and relevant question.

Since I sold my IT firm and started my new business nine years ago, I’ve sometimes lacked the clarity to succinctly answer this question. However, this changed for me a couple of months ago. Now I answer confid...

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Record Your Meetings

I typically don’t get this granular in recommending tactical applications, but I feel this one is a game changer: record your meetings.

I recently started using the Meetings app in the ZoHo One suite of applications. It’s not the most feature-rich tool for managing and executing web meeting...

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It's Annual Strategic Planning Season!!!

Most businesses find that the calendar year-end is a good time to complete Annual Strategic Planning (ASP), Why should an organization complete an ASP? 

I’d throw out 3 questions for you to consider:

1.  Does your business serve you? (Are you fulfilled by the work? Does your compensation sup...

14.10.19 01:19 PM - Comment(s)
The Requisite Organization By Elliot Jaques

Every successful leader has their top five list of books that have influenced their philosophy and approach to organizational success. At the top of my list is Elliot Jaques’ Requisite Organization. He answers the question of “why does the CEO earn a higher wage than the front-line employees?” The a...

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