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Aligned Vendors
The conversation around organizational leadership is typically centered around executives and employees. As you broaden the circle of your leadership influence, your vendors should also be included. “Stakeholders” is often the term used to encompass individuals who feel or facilitate an organization...
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Member Experience

In my last article I illustrated the connection between Structured Operations and culture. I’d like to further focus on the effects of culture on the member experience. I use the term member to include employees, team members, or other individuals within any organization.

As we seek to develop a cul...

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In a previous article I made the case for making recordings of remote and live meetings. But this is only part of my entire solution for getting the most out of meetings. The second part of my solution is Microsoft’s OneNote app.

In his book “Getting Things Done”, David Allen stresses the importance...

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Record Your Meetings

I typically don’t get this granular in recommending tactical applications, but I feel this one is a game changer: record your meetings.

I recently started using the Meetings app in the ZoHo One suite of applications. It’s not the most feature-rich tool for managing and executing web meeting...

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Partnerships with Structured Operations

I’ve recently been working with several businesses that are struggling with owner partnerships. In my last article, I described the Visionary/Integrator roles and relationships within an organization. In this article, we’ll examine how the concepts and methodologies of structured operations can mini...

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